Pearl Harbor Memorial PR

December 7, 2009 at 1:08 pm (Uncategorized)

My little sister is a senior in high school, and one of the things she is proudest of accomplishing in her four years therel is heading a club that raises funds to be sent to the Arizona memorial in Hawaii. They have screened different films from different time periods of Pearl Harbor in the school theatre along with a bake sale in which all proceeds go straight to the memorial fund. I think it’s a great idea, but they have had a hard time keeping a constant flow of people each year to the event. Just another example of how major disasters in the United States almost become novelties over a period of time.

I never would have known that the Arizona memorial was having trouble raising funds if my sister had not told me about it. I think that the PR team for the monument needs to market the memorial as much as possible to preserve it. They could definitely do a campaign every year a couple of weeks before the anniversary of Pearl Harbor to have people memorialize the event by sending a small donation to the fund to preserve the Arizona. I think that this would be very successful, especially if the memorial sent back something intrinsic such as pictures of the memorial or something like that as a thank you for supporting them.

But I also think that today should be more than just sending money to memorials or listening to survival stories of veterans. Today is a day to show respect for troops who died in this attack, as well as all other troops who fight for our country every day.


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  1. Claudine said,

    I always remember Dec. 7th because it’s Pearl Harbor and my childhood neighbor, Ben’s birthday. This year was kind of a spooky remembrance though… my grandfather Michael Donald Case was my same age when the attack on Pearl Harbor happened.

    Less than a year later he was in Alaska… the army thought that there might be a similar attack there because of the oil fields.. something to that effect.

    Anywho– I didn’t know they were having trouble raising funds either. I’ve never been to Hawaii or that memorial… but I would have thought the tourism would have been sufficient.. or that the government would certainly have a plush-fund set up to maintain it.

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