Greek Law Enforcement PR

December 6, 2009 at 8:27 pm (Uncategorized)

Extreme riots have broken out in Athens, Greece commemorating the death of a teenage boy shot by police a year ago. Masked youths have been tearing apart the city, attacking police with weapons and storming Athens University to replace the Greek flag with an anarchist banner.

This story brings to light the tough position governments are placed in when dealing with law enforcement PR. I don’t know why the boy was shot and killed a year ago, but the government obviously did not measure public opinion very well when dealing with this issue. Their crisis management team needed to make sure that law enforcement employees were not all lumped together in the same negative light because of one negative situation, which judging by the events a year later, they did not. The government and police PR people needed to make sure that they isolated the event, and had taken every possible step to ensure the public that everything was being done to resolve the situation instead of leaving the public to form their own opinions.

Personally, I don’t care if the shooting was the police officer’s fault or the boy’s fault; there is no excuse for how horribly the rioters are tearing apart the city right now. Over 16 police officers have been injured in addition to several citizens. I don’t see the justification of someone’s death by injuring and possibly killing people who were not attached to the event in any way. These people are just doing their job and trying to keep the peace in the city. It’s irresponsible and juvenile to react this way. It does not honor or bring justice to the boy who died or his family.

I’m interested to see how the riots are resolved and what the government plans on doing to change the negative public opinion concerning Greek law enforcement.


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