Networking in PR

November 18, 2009 at 3:09 pm (Uncategorized)

In all of our PR classes, it has been drilled into our heads over and over again how important networking is in our line of work. While I believed in networking as a means of getting a job, I didn’t know how much it could help in other areas of PR until my Creative Consultants team hosted “Coco After Dark” for Ciné.

Networking was a huge part of our event’s success. One of the girls on my team interned with Epting Events, and was able to talk to one of the event coordinators and arrange for us to borrow decorations and serving platters free of charge. Vicki, one of our Ciné “managers,” is friends with one of the owners and head chefs of the restaurant The National. I was able to arrange our catering for a reduced cost through them, and they even made more food for us free of charge the night of the event when the first guests to arrive gobbled everything up in 20 minutes. Blvd. magazine expressed interest in doing something around the premiere of Coco Before Chanel as well, and we teamed up with their team to organize and promote the event. I really don’t think that we would have had nearly as extensive of a guest list without their help in the promotional area. And finally, we were able to secure food donations from lots of local Athens restaurants simply by using Ciné’s name.

While my Creative Consultant’s team organized all of the madness of hosting an event for 150 people in a few weeks, it really would have never gotten off the ground without the help of our connections. New connections were formed through this whole experience as well; I really enjoyed working with the Blvd. team and would love to do so again in the future.

Long story short, never miss an opportunity to make new connections and friends in your area of business; you never know when they will come in handy!



  1. Nicole said,

    So proud of your efforts for the Creative Consultants’ client! I know how hard you’ve been working on it.

    Indeed, networking is the way to go. Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed because I feel like our field of study (like many others) definitely depends on the people that you know. I start to wonder how many people I know and if I’m behind and I start freaking out a little bit… But I guess it’s never too late to start and get to know people.

    So interesting that all your networking helped out with this event! Congrats!

  2. katedeanga said,

    I did Creative Consultants two semesters ago and I did not have as much luck as you in getting a great client. Our communication with the organization was never really successful. I do agree with the networking concept though. I have come into so many opportunities throughout my time here at UGA because of the connections I have made along the way. I’ve learned it is best never to burn a bridge, because you never know where you will need a helping hand.

  3. morgiben said,

    Network! Network! Network! We’ve heard it a thousand times right? But now we start to see how true it is! Your event sounds so awesome! What a great hands on PR experience you have under you belt now. You all should really be proud. When I was in Creative Consultants, our client was the American Cancer Society. Although it was really interesting, it wasn’t nearly as glamorous as your event! The picture is so cute by the way!

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