U.N. Needs More Effective PR Strategy to Fight World Hunger

November 15, 2009 at 11:38 pm (Uncategorized)

World Hunger


The link posted above details how the U.N plans to fight world hunger.

But how will the U.N. dig up enough PR to make this strategy a success? In my opinion, people across the world have become numb to the fact that while they are standing in line ordering their fourth meal of the day at McDonalds, thousand of people are starving around the world. It’s not entirely their fault, we have collectively become skeptical of donate a dollar to save the world techniques as well; most of them are scams for con artists to make a quick profit. How does an organization, even as big as the UN, put a twist on their donation fund to make people interested? How do they keep themselves from being filed away as just another company like The Red Cross or The Salvation Army? Info-mercials have the look-at-the-child-you-are-helping thing covered. Donation bins outside of malls are done all the time. We don’t pay attention to TV or radio commercials all that much anymore.

And it’s not just the UN’s fault for not being as innovative as they could be.

I believe America as a whole also has an “If I can’t see it, I don’t believe it” approach to world hunger and poverty. People know it exists, some try to help, but how often do they see the specific results of their charity? They are too focused on their own problems to think about someone else’s. Why worry about someone thousands of miles away that you will never meet? How will this $1 make any more of a difference? World hunger existed last year when I donated, and it didn’t go away…why should I donate this year if the problem is going to exist again next year? It’s sickening to think that some people will actually use these statements as excuses.

I think the UN is going to have to embark in more than just an internet campaign to raise $6.7 billion this year. Hopefully giving will outweigh Scrooging this holiday season, but I have my doubts.





  1. petersonliz said,

    I agree, we have become so numb to hunger around the world. So often, even just walking around downtown Athens, I see people (and I am sometimes on of them) cross to the other side of the street to avoid a homeless person begging for food. And this is in the richest country in the world!

    The rest of the world is even less untouched. Some of us may take a trip for a week to help the less fortunate, but this is more of a trendy thing. Maybe the UN could create the PR to help fight hunger by sponsoring mission trips and capitalizing on our inner desire as wealthy people to help the less fortunate.

  2. aglo1315 said,

    I think you bring up a good point. It’s sad that people have to get creative in order to get Americans moved enough to donate to a worthy cause. In general we take the “How can just one person help” attitude in everything that we do. When it comes to donating, voting, leading and striving for high goals we tend to think that it’s not possible for one person to have a significant impact. America strives itself in being a nation where anything can come true, anybody can be somebody if they work hard enough. But the thing is that we do not practice what we preach. I believe that a single person can make a huge impact, it’s just too bad that we have to spend so much time convincing others that it’s possible too.

  3. rosannacruz said,


    I’m an international affairs major and I do agree the UN has major problems reaching out to the public, especially here in the U.S. They have, however, created “Millenium Development Goals” which directly address world hunger. They’ve been pretty successful so far, but there is obviously a long road ahead. I believe their main focus right now is Africa. The problem, is that the average person doesn’t know about them and doesn’t know how to help. Here’s where it’s key to have an effective PR deparment. Hopefully they’ll figure out a way to advertise their programs more so we can help save more people.

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