A Death-Blow to the T-Mobile Sidekick

October 16, 2009 at 2:57 pm (Uncategorized)

user3515_pic1553_1233608521Last Monday, a great number of Sidekick users lost all of their contacts and personal information stored on their phones. A panic-attack inducing situation for anyone who is as connected to their phone as I am.

According to an msnbc.com article (http://tinyurl.com/yg2nl72), Sidekick users lost all of their contacts and other information die to a failure of servers that are the remote storage system for all of the data. Microsoft Corp., the makers of the phone and a subsidiary to TMobile stated that Sidekick owner’s information is “almost certainly” gone. Not good new for people who like to store their entire lives on their mobile devices.

TMobile’s customer service hasn’t done a very good job helping out the situation either. Customers who lost all of their data are only being offered a $20 refund. I don’t know what TMobile was thinking when they decided this would be good compensation, but I would value all of the contacts and information stored on my phone at more than $20. TMobile customers are extremely angry, and rightfully so.

This is a PR nightmare. The fact that TMobile has listed its Sidekick as “out-of-stock” online is a clear indication that this phone might not make it through such a disastrous crash. TMobile’s customer service and “compensation” aren’t helping the situation either. If I were a TMobile customer, I would definitely be considering a switch to a new provider right now.

TMobile’s PR team needs to get on this situation fast. When I Google-searched information for this story, I found many Web sites airing complaints of customers, and not many statements mad by TMobile reassuring their customers that something more is going to be done to resolve this issue. I wonder if they even had an emergency response plan for a system failure of epic proportions.

To any Sidekick user, I would suggest switching to and iPhone or a Blackberry. Even my LG dare has a lot of the same features that the Sidekick has. You can get a phone with QWERTY anywhere these days.


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